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We Make Record Keeping Easy!

As a company, you need to keep a record of all of the work performed, sub-contractor progress, extra work authorizations, special assignments, problems and delays, workforce numbers, equipment use, materials purchased, safety meetings conducted, and much more. To officially log these records, you need a Daily Log, which is a legal document that works in favor of arbitration and litigation. Not only does this help you keep a record of your business, but it can absolve you of lawsuits. We offer special pricing on official Daily Logs for ABC East Florida members.


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The Standard Edition
  • One page per day
  • 365 days
  • Single volume
  • 7×10” book
  • Ideal for superintendents and supervisors
The Pocket Edition
  • One page per day
  • 92 days
  • Sewn pages with soft cover
  • 4×6½” style
  • Perfect for foremen, crew leaders, and supervisors

Florida Law Legal Construction Site Signs

It’s important to have your construction site signs and warning signs meet all applicable Florida law regarding sing language and lettering necessary to prosecute under F.S. 812 and 810. We sell durable 24″X 36″ aluminum signs that are durable and riveted for easy mounting on-site fences. Many other signs don’t meet legal requirements, so make sure you’re investing in the correct ones to secure your operation.

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Felony Sign

Front side is in English
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Felony Sign

Reverse side is in Spanish
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Drug Sign

Members – $30.00
Non-Members – $60.00

Hard Hat Sign

Members – $20.00
Non-Members – $40.00

construction and maintenance daily logs

Your One-Stop Shop for Safety Materials

ABC East Florida is a perfect place to get member’s discount on vital pieces of equipment, signs, and record-keeping Daily Logs for your project. ABC members get special prices for the Log, including $25 per Standard Edition Log + S&H and $10 per Pocket Edition Log + S&H. Your Log will be custom-printed with the chapter’s logo.

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