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Join Our Association of Builders and Contractors!

ABC believes that successful relationships build successful businesses. We provide the climate for contractors to become part of a community of like-minded businesses. Joining ABC East Florida doesn’t only connect contractors with companies to form professional bonds and great work, it provides you with networking opportunities, discount programs, education, vocational training, and more! Contact us or fill out our online form to apply today!

Expand Your Network

Networking keeps you competitive and profitable in the construction industry. Over the last year, over 6,500 individuals attended our structured networking events and social outings to expand their visibility and find new business opportunities. Our member only E-Directory is a great business development tool for contractors and construction-industry users, and we regularly provide referrals to owners and general contractors asking for a list of qualified ABC member firms.

Training Opportunities

ABC and its training partners, the ABC Institute and the Construction Education Foundation, have focused efforts to cultivate new training alliances to meet future demands. ABC trained over 71,000 people in a variety of construction crafts last year, and we are the largest single provider of apprenticeship training in Florida. We also have the resources to train in multiple construction-related trades and manages a state and federally approved apprenticeship program. Finally, we offer continuing education for your licensing requirements and compliance training mandates.

three workers wearing hard hats

Work Safe & Smart

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Keep them safe through:

  • ABC’s Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP), a tool that helps members protect their employees and experience fewer lost-time incidents by using the 20 key components of an effective safety program.
  • Our ABC-Florida OSHA Partnership, which is unique in recognizing the safest construction companies in the industry.
  • A full-time safety specialist that will provide you with the latest in safety practices for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone yourself.

Endless Benefits of Membership

ABC members receive real-dollar value from their membership and a significant return on investment for the membership dues they invest each year by belonging to ABC. Save money with your membership by taking advantage of our many discounts! ABC East Florida has many business partners from personal and commercial vehicles to delivery services! View your member discounts at

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