Risk Management Construction Services in Coconut Creek, FL

Here at ABC East Florida in Coconut Creek, FL, we offer you risk management construction services to help you keep you, your employees, and your site safe. Not only do we advocate for safe and fair construction and labor policies and practices, but we also provide online safety classes and resources that make it easier than ever to get necessary training and licenses. Become a member today and access all the benefits that ABC East Florida has to offer your commercial construction company. Contact us to learn more!


ABC East Florida advocates for construction industry rights and fair policies and practices. We’re able to reach federal, local, and state levels of government as well as congress to make a difference. Our advocacy and political outreach includes:

  • Free Enterprise Alliance
  • ABC Political Action Committee
  • Halt the Assault

We work to protect small businesses so that everyone can enjoy jobs and a successful future.

How to get a license for your construction company

There are two types of licenses you can receive to do work: a general contractor license and a specialty contractor license:

  • General contractor license: A general contractor license allows you to do a range of construction work. You’ll need two to seven years of proven work experience, financial stability, and general liability insurance, and you may need to pass a trade exam and/or business or law exam.
  • Specialty contractor license: This license is for contractors in a specialized field, such as carpentry or electric work. Depending on local and state requirements, you may only be allowed to do work in your specialized field once you receive this license. To obtain this license, you must meet the same requirements as a general contractor license and may have to present completed projects in your field of work.

Obtaining either a general contractor or specialty contractor license requires registration with the State Contractor’s Board or local Department of Labor. Requirements for licenses also vary by state, so it’s vital to read up on what’s required in your area.


ABC East Florida offers you a variety of resources for risk management. Whether you need online safety classes with Commitment2Safety or a safety training evaluation process (STEP) that can reduce total recordable incidents by 86%, we have what you need to follow mandated protocol. We also offer avenues for continuing education to stay up to date in the industry and upkeep or obtain required licenses. We also offer guides that let you know of proper protocol for hurricane protection on a site, construction safety logs and site signs, and more. We’re your go-to source for information, classes, and networking that will help your company flourish.

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Become a member of ABC East Florida today. Our ample resources, advocacy, and networking opportunities will keep your company successful, competitive, and involved. If you need risk management construction services or more information on getting a construction license, get in touch with us today. We’re more than happy to help your commercial construction company flourish. Contact us in Coconut Creek, FL, for more information.

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