“In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield. ”
– Warren Buffett, US financier

Member Peer Groups

ABC National is currently developing new peer groups for members on our peer group waiting list. The list below describes the members we are seeking. The three main criteria for matching groups are: trade, volume (ranges are listed below) and geographic area of work.If you could recommend any members that fit this criteria, email Betsy Strock at strock@abc.org with their contact information. Or you can direct them to the website to complete the online profile form. While there are no fees to participate in this program, we ask that anyone who completes the profile form be committed to the process of joining a group.

Trade Annual volume Geographic areas
Electrical Less than $15 million All areas could be considered
Electrical Over $50 million NOT Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado
General contractor $20-50 million NOT Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, or Kansas
Steel Less than $10 million All areas could be considered
Wastewater Facilities Any size NOT Mid-West, Carolinas, Northern California

ABC’s peer groups offer like-minded business owners an environment conducive to sharing ideas and discussing business opportunities and challenges–all with the goal of improving their businesses. Peer groups consist of six to 10 ABC member companies within a trade or interest area and with similar annual revenues. Members in the same peer group do not operate in the same competitive market, which fosters trust and an open exchange of information.


· Forum for executives to discuss key business issues

· Opportunity to learn from fellow contractors that have faced similar business challenges

· Sounding board for new ideas

· Strong network of peers who embrace the merit shop philosophy

· Business consultants who can serve as a corporate advisory panel

· Ability to have candid conversations about operational challenges and the need for cost savings, improved productivity and increased efficiencies.

For more information, visit abc.org/peergroups. Contact Betsy Strock at strock@abc.org or 202-595-9130 with questions.

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