“I’m proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money.” – Arthur Godfrey, American entertainer

Beam Club beam-club

As a valued member of ABC, you understand the value of membership in South Florida’s largest Merit Shop association for the commercial and industrial construction community. Membership growth ensures that ABC can continue to offer programs that bring value to your business and the industry at large.

If you know of a company that would benefit from membership and you would like to nominate them for membership in ABC, please contact us. If through your encouragement of nomination a company joins, you will be recognized in the ABC National BEAM Club program as well as receive exciting prizes while be recognized in front of your peers.

Harry Mursten 208
Rex Kirby 105
Mike Bruner 103.5
Carlos Ardavin, Jr. 102
Dan Vonkossovsky 80
Jesse Maurer 77
Tim Moore 65
Mike Bradford 63
Jim Robertson 59
Gene Herman 55
Steve Kenenth 53
Bernard Paul-Hus 51
Randall Lebolo 42
Kent Long 40
Christopher Kennedy 39
Steve Struve 38
Clay Fischer 36
Jim McConchie 35
George Cuesta 34
Roy MacRoberts 32
Will Fernandez 31
Nick Krarup 29
Bill Bower 28
Alberto Fernandez 22
Bob Henning 22
Howard Newman 22
Jesus Vazquez 19
Mike Williams, Sr. 17
John Bennett 16
Bill Parker 16
Brian Wolf 15
Brett Atkinson 14
Dave Aiken 12
Neil Donhauser 12
Larry Leiby 12
Antonio Obregon 12
John Scherer 11
Carl Walters 9
Fernando Munilla 7
Jason Goff 7
Casey Lee 7
Scott Moss 7
Carl DeNunzio 5
Scott Prince 5
Timothy Sterling 4
Dan Paulus 3.5
Tim Dornblaser 3
Dustin DuBois 3
Charles Ermer 3
Russell Nash 2
Kim Brown 1
Kerri Smith 1

*Beam Club Level requires at least 5 members recruited.

Updated as of 09/12/2019

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  • The Most Influential
  • National & State Presence
  • More Contractor Members (GCs & Subs)
  • Leading Provider Of Education & Training
  • Reinvests In The Industry