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STEP – Merit-Based Safety Recognition

In 1989, the ABC National Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Committee, established the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) program. They developed and wrote it specifically for contractors from a contractors’ perspective. There is no charge for this service, unless you are applying for STEP Diamond or Platinum, or submitting via the paper application, and your responses are strictly confidential.
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Created to Facilitate a Safety-Orientated Culture

The ABC STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) program helps your company stay safe while educating your employees. We make an effort to create a safety-centered culture at your workplace. After completing our program, your company can be up to 720% safer than the industry average. You can also reduce your location’s total recordable incidence rate by 86%. ABC can help with our benchmark and improvement tool to reduce job site incidence rates regardless of industry or size. Call us today learn more and sign up for our STEP program.

Safety as a Core Value

With the STEP program, you can build upon your company’s safety and create a longstanding culture that encourages your employees to look out for each other. Additional aspects of the system include:

  • Organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs
  • The Key Component system forms a 20-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a company-wide safety program
  • Incorporates lagging indicator safety performance data with leading indicator use and self-assessment requirements to give a full, wide ranging report on the entire nature of a company’s Safety Program
  • Designed to benefit both large and small contractors alike
  • Recognition for ABC members at both National and Chapter level, with various recognition events held throughout the year
  • Gateway to Accredited Quality Contractor recognition
  • STEP Diamond and Platinum recipients eligible for ABC National Safety Excellence Award and Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) – CISE award
  • 2013 STEP data shows STEP participants beat BLS national averages in all lagging indicator performance metrics, leading to participant benefits in the pre-bid/bid process and when negotiating insurance rates.

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