ABC Florida East Coast Chapter Mission Statement

ABC East Florida is a proud chapter of a national organization with over 21,000 members. Here in the state of Florida, 1,500 commercial construction companies and industry experts stand together to promote our industry and services, giving ABC East Florida both a national and state presence as part of the most influential construction trade association in the country. We have a robust membership made up of contractors (both GCs and subs) and are a leader in providing continuing education and training resources, constantly reinvesting in our community and our industry through political advocacy, learning opportunities, member events, and more.

Based on the Merit Shop philosophy—which favors merit-based hiring decisions and open competition—ABC helps all members win commercial construction contracts and deliver those projects safely, ethically, and profitably.

ABC East Florida’s mission statement

To provide leadership and be the recognized voice of the construction industry in the Association’s geographic region;

To promote integrity and ethics through the Merit Shop philosophy;

To develop and improve education and training in the construction industry at all levels;

To provide a forum for common exchange and camaraderie through membership, services, and networking;

To advance the Merit Shop construction philosophy, which encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation; and,

To advance the best interests of the Association’s members and the construction industry by encouraging and facilitating participation in the political process.

Community engagement

We are a community that builds each other up, both in business and in life. Our ABC Cares Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has donated over $60,000 to construction professionals and their families in health emergencies or serious personal situations. We also work with the American Red Cross and host charity events year-round to raise both funds and awareness for the challenges in our neighborhoods.

On both the state and national level, we encourage our members to be civically engaged in political issues that impact our industry. We help members stay aware of key construction policies with a Politics and Policy section dedicated to elections and campaign donations.

Finally, ABC East Florida promotes safety on the worksite to protect professionals and pedestrians from daily operations as well as special situations such as hurricane warnings, drug and alcohol safety, and more. Visit the Resources page to access several free documents to help you stay safe.

Learn more about our values

If you’re interested in an annual company membership, please take a few minutes to fill out an online application form to proceed with your membership. If you have questions regarding benefits, access, or which membership level is most appropriate for your organization and goals, we encourage you to contact our regional ABC East Florida chapter headquarters in Coconut Beach by calling (954) 984-0075.

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Why Choose ABC?

  • The Most Influential
  • National & State Presence
  • More Contractor Members (GCs & Subs)
  • Leading Provider Of Education & Training
  • Reinvests In The Industry