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Committee Leaders for ABC Florida East Coast Chapter

Membership Voice
ABC Florida East Coast Chapter prides itself in providing high quality services to its members. To remain on the cutting edge of ideas, ABC gains member perspective and insight via various committees. The committees work throughout the year to advocate on behalf of members and the organizations they serve. Some committees and staff members work closely with state legislators to promote understanding and gain support for issues affecting the provision of services to the construction industry. We champion the highest standards of excellence and recognition in the industry! For specific meeting dates and discussion topics, please contact the appropriate staff liaison listed below.
ABC East Florida Advocacy
Get Involved – Join a Comittee!

ABC is YOUR association! Your membership, participation and input is what leads to our combined success!
If you would like to inquire about joining a committee, please contact Jay Sweeney at

ABC Institute Apprenticeship College – Education and Training

Addresses all education and training needs including, but not limited to: basic job skills, task, craft/apprenticeship, business critical skills, management and leadership edification, necessary skills to grow a business, and others. They develop, recommend, implement, monitor and evaluate the industry’s education and training needs.

Chair: Saul Pacheco, The Ryan Companies
Immediate Past Chair: Brad Weiss, Benson, Mucci & Weiss P.L.
Staff Liaison: Ruth Tirado

ABC Institute Apprenticeship College – Safety

Support and enhance the educational and training programs by continuing to update to the industry’s technical standards. Make recommendations to the ABC Institute staff relative to changes in acts affecting the construction trades.

Chair: Jim Scott, Woodland Tilt Up
Staff Liaison: Ruth Tirado


The Events committee serves to encourage participation and networking amongst ABC members in order to create a greater sense of camaraderie within the association and to promote growth to enhance the membership value.

Chair: Krystyna Ermer, Right Way Plumbing
Vice Chair: TBD
Staff Liaisons:
Jill Siegel


This committee drives the legislative agenda for the chapter and discusses, among other things, federal concerns, state legislative priorities, local legislative priorities, political endorsements, grassroots/grasstops, public relations and fundraising.

Chair: George Cuesta, Cuesta Construction
Vice Chair: Howard Newman, Bateman, Gordon and Sands
Staff Liaison: Carol Bowen

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee

The Membership Committee comes together to organize and implement membership goals to aid in member recruitment and retention.

Chair: Dustin DuBois, JWR Construction Services, Inc.
Vice Chair: Annie Mecias-Murphy, JA& M Developing Corp.
Staff Liaisons: Jay Sweeney

Miami-Dade Council

The Miami-Dade Council is an advisory body that meets monthly to provide guidance and leadership to ABC and its presence in Miami-Dade County. The Council body is established annually.

Chair: Patricia Bonilla, Lunacon Construction Group
Vice-Chair: Chris Ramos, South Florida Controls
Staff Liaisons: Jay Sweeney

Space Coast Council

A group of politically minded members who are well versed on Space Coast and Associated Builders and Contractors political issues and who can speak at appropriate times both locally and more broadly when the opportunity presents itself.

Staff Liaisons: Jan Miorelli, Stefanie Reardon

Treasure Coast Council

The Treasure Coast Council is an advisory body that meets monthly to provide guidance and leadership to ABC and its presence in Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin Counties. The Council body is established annually.

Staff Liaison: Stefanie Reardon

Fishing Tournament

This committee comes together to plan the annual ABC-FEC Islamorada Backcountry Fishing Tournament that benefits the ABC Florida East Coast Chapter’s Political Committee.

Co-Chairs: Bernard Paul-Hus, Hypower, Inc. and Brian Mueller, Southeast Mechanical Contractors
Staff Liaisons: Jill Siegel

Young Professionals

This committee works to grow participation in the association among emerging leaders and young professionals through networking opportunities and the continued growth and cultivation of the LeadershipABC program.

Chair: Juan Rueda, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Vice Chair: Michael Davies, Bermuda Landscape
Staff Liaisons: Jill Siegel

The Voice of Commercial Construction

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